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Genre:Drama, Romance, Comedy
Director:Basil Alkhatib
Cast:Douraid Laham,Sabah Jazairi,Salma Masri,Abed Monem Amayri,Kinda Hana,Nazli Rawas,Alla Qasem,Nadin kaddour, Nermin Shawki
Release Date:
Run time:120
Summary:Syria, spring of 2018. Issa Abdallah, a famous announcer in the past, lives in loneliness after losing most of his beloved ones. With the liberation of Aleppo, Issa decides to visit his daughter Dina, who lives there with her two kids. The road from Damascus to Aleppo, is a journey into the depth of life and people whom Issa meets. A Journey as a mirror which reflects the Syrian reality with all its tragic and sarcastic contradictions. Journey that shows best values of love, compassion and the ability of confrontation that people have. A journey that its end never looks like its beginning